Event Management

Event Management

Running an event can sometimes be quite daunting for someone who doesn’t manage them in a regular basis, this is where Well Done Events can help. Well done events have been managing events since 1994 for a wide range of clients and have a great deal of experience in the industry. We understand a key part of event management is knowing what the goals of the event are.

Is the key element presenting some new information or is it a product launch. The possibilities could be endless and we understand there are many different facets in managing every event, these include:

  • Obtaining the correct requirements to make sure goals are set
  • Finding a suitable venue for the event and the number of guests which can also handle the technical requirements
  • Scheduling of the event to make sure the date is suitable
  • Consider health and Safety and Risk management
  • Make sure all of the required elements have all the right equipment
  • Managing the event on the day

Every event we manage comes with an experienced event manager and our experienced event staff will look after all of those taking part and attending to make sure your event runs smoothly.



Security is a key consideration for most large scale events because no-one wants their event spoiled by gate crashers. Well Done Events can look after all of your event’s security considerations. We have a proven track record of nearly 20 years working in all facets of event management. It’s an unfortunate occurrence that many events now need professional security to make sure the event runs smoothly. We provide the highest quality security with the minimum of fuss. We offer a professional service to all of our clients in all areas of event security and event management. Through our comprehensive event management service we will consider all elements for your event including Event security.

Registration and Guest List Management

There are many elements of a successful event and one of the key elements is making sure the event registration runs smoothly. Unless you are an event management specialist then looking after delegate lists and keeping track of who is and is not attending can be quite a stressful process. Well Done Events offer a full delegate and event registration service where we will set up and track all of the delegates who will be attending your event. It’s likely if it is just the staff members from your office you will not need this service. But just imagine an event with hundreds of delegates from several different offices. You would need to keep track of who is attending, who isn’t and if any of them have any specific requirements. This can become even more complex if hotel stays or dietary requirements are involved. Why not let Well Done Events look after all of this for you from sending out invites to managing the delegates arriving on the day.


Getting the catering right is vital to most events, If you get it wrong and it’s sure to lead to complaints but get it right and it can completely top off your event. This is where we can help, we have a lot of experience catering for groups both large and small with a wide variety of requirements. It doesn’t matter if your requirements include the full fine dining experience with 3, 5 or even seen course or something more simpler such as a BBQ, Buffet or even a hog roast we can arrange it all for you. Whether you need catering for a corporate event, a team building day or a commercial launch Well done events have you covered. We can offer spectacular food to wow your guests or even offer just a simple buffet.

Support Staff

For some larger events we can work from your offices on a specific event and Well Done Events can supply a range of support staff for every aspect of your event. There are lots of reasons you may need some help in planning and event managing your event. It may you need some guidance with planning or the initial stages of the event. You may need staff for the event itself. Whatever your needs are we can supply event staff to fit the need and the occasion. Our staff have many years experience working in the events industry and will be invaluable to you in planning your event.

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