Live Acts and Guest Speaking

Live Acts and Guest Speaking

Nothing completes an event like a live act or band to complement the events entertainment. Well Done Events can arrange a wide range of Live acts suitable for any event or occasion. Well Done Events supply professional live acts and entertainers of all types and for every occasion including live bands, singers tribute acts, look-a-likes, circus performers, string quartets, harpists, pianists, magicians and everything in-between. We work closely with a number of agents and directly with the artists themselves to offer the widest range possible of performers for your event. We also offer you the best possible prices we can to help make sure your event is as good as it can be. We can supply live acts for any number of event types from weddings, theme nights, product launches, festivals, corporate events, special occasions such as Halloween and Christmas.

Guest Speaking

Knowing who to book as an after dinner speaker can be quite daunting and even knowing who to call can create problems. This is where we can help. We have nearly 20 years experience in the events industry and will make sure you get the very best after dinner speaker, Motivational speaker, corporate speaker, conference host, Guest speaker or awards presenter. We have access to a huge range of different speakers for your event and can work with you to chose the most appropriate guest speaker for your event from all of those who are available.

Comedy Nights

Everyone likes a good laugh and we are no different. A Well done events comedy night can really be a fantastic fun evening for all those in attendance. A comedy night can be a great addition to any number of events including as being an opening to a conference or presentation to warm up a crowd. Comedy nights work well as part of an awards ceremony or a company party.


Karaoke is an old favourite with many people. It’s their chance to shine and show of their vocal range. Karaoke offers most of us a chance to sing live in front of others where we might not get that chance otherwise. Karaoke offers a great way for your guests to let their hair down and enjoy their moment, literally in the spotlight. Karaoke can be a great fun way to finish off an event or evening or even as part of a team building day. Karaoke has been around almost as long as artists have been recording music. And many people have enjoyed singing songs right through the years. From hits of the 1950’s and 1960’s to the latest chart topping hits which frequent the radios stations. We have a wide range of well known tracks and we can usually source just about anything which is required as long as we know in advance. So if you are looking for Finland’s entry in the 2006 Eurovision song contest or even something even more obscure let us know and we will do our best to find it for you.

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